Activity - 25 years of International Business

What business we are in ?

Presently, we are a trusted partner in the basic food industry and have diversified our operations comprising of Farming, Processing, Refining, Packaging, Procurement and Marketing - servicing varied segments including direct consumers, retailers, industrial and other food markets on an international scale.

We have our own sales setup in Saudi Arabia and Qatar, operated with a big work force with multiple branches, serviced by large fleet of distribution vehicles and other facilities required for hi-scale operations. We also have high-end bulk customers in GCC and other Asian countries, operated by a separate team.

Furthur, our supply chain networks operate through our own facilitation offices in Dubai, Kuwait, Indonesia, Malaysia and Canada.


We deal in wide varieties of Rice, Pulses, Spices and other basic foods from different parts of the world.

Worldwide purchasing power

Our strength lies in managing best sourcing and value buy programs, as we handle root level purchases directly around the world, where we are provided with the option of choosing the best produce from available farms and fields.

Over the years, we have established everlasting business relationships with leading millers and other suppliers from all over India and many parts of the world. This helps us bring in food products unique in nature at times.

Pricing and Quality Assurance

The highest quality assurance standards and high stocking capacity of our domestic and international storage / transit chain network enables us to ensure availability, quality and correct pricing of all the products - year-round.

Packaging and Shipping

We are proud that we have state of art repackaging facilities, a well-recognized differentiated personal branded packaging, which stands out and helps us individually target various customer segments.

We also have tailor made logistics programs and practices implemented through our logistics partners wherever we operate, managed by our facilitation offices, ensuring perfection in export and import documentations, logistics tracking, legalities, compliances, efficient port clearances and other follow ups necessary to smoothen shipments – Farm to Home – in a very speedy way.

Food Safety

We sell our products clean, safe, hygienic, contamination free, un-adulterated with long shelf life. We very well understand and demonstrate the sanity of efficient handling of food items.

Most of our business deals are between different countries governed by international regulatory standards and compliances. This includes food safety laboratory tests done for every export shipment. We have strict operational parameters in place and food safety is the DNA of our business.


We have huge warehousing capacities in different locations in India, Saudi Arabia and in Qatar, which facilitates us to do bulk purchase of produces during seasonal periods and stock them in the most safe, hygienic and scientific manner. Proper humidity free storage improves quality of many of our products, specially of rice varieties.

Extensive warehousing, reliable transport service partners, well maintained inventory of items, helps us reach our customers in a very cost-effective manner

Sales and Distribution

Currently we have a work force of around 200+ active workmen distributed in India and over 7 branches of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, servicing over 10,000+ customers.

Multi - segment Customers

Our products can be found within all major chains and independent stores in every location we operate, serving multiple Segments of customers, including direct consumers, retail outlets, supermarkets, hotels, labour camps, catering services, industrial and other food markets.

Customer relationship

Majority of our sales team are part of us for years now. This low employee turnover has enabled us to maintain a strong permanent customer base, efficiently implement customer relations program and person to person sales approach - Customers are like our family. We are flexible and do not enforce rigid standards.

Management Team

Our top management has sector experience of 25 years and a track record of success in the field - remains always the backbone of our worldwide operations.

Real time ERP system

We are operating, managing, billing, accounting and all our existing business operations are managed and controlled with an inhouse ERP software. This enables us to enhance internal controls and further provides with the scope of swift and easy business expansions.

Through the same ERP system, we coordinate all operations between supply and distribution points and branches upto each salesman. Using the latest technology, we are able to provide accurate and timely information to facilitate all order processing resulting in effective and expedient delivery.

Business Relationships

We believe in building long term partnerships with our suppliers, customers, employees, trade partners and service providers, upholding the POWER OF UNITY.