About Us


It all started, way back in 1995, with exports of various products - such as Fresh fruits and vegetables, Kerala homemade snacks, Handmade wooden handicrafts, Shell jewellery, Rattan furniture, Traditional Indian sandals, Handwoven clothing and so on.

Being from South India and rice being the staple food, the family developed an interest in dealing in rice varieties. In 1999, the brothers decided to give it a trial and collected a few quantities of parboiled rice from local farmers of Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, and then exported and sold in various cities of Saudi Arabia. Later, basmati rice was added as a big sourcing product and exported, which was procured from North India, directly contacting local farmers.

This turned out to be a success.

This is how the concept of "Farm to Home ", got evolved.

The activities thereafter picked up and requisition from various customers started coming in for specific supplies that of Thai parboiled rice, cooking oil from Malaysia, pulses from Africa and so on, which were procured and exported.

PITCO has grown steadily thereafter in exports and currently is a household name in Saudi Arabia and Qatar, where the company is operating in a big way and has an almost leadership position in many categories of products.

Going Forward, PITCO is confident that export volumes will continue to be positive in all the products handled.

Vision and Mission

Our endeavour is to supply quality food products across globe, meeting the needs of our customers, by engaging in transparent and profitable businesses.

We shall continuously strive to expand our presence in India and international markets by adopting aggressive strategies through the network of all our business and channel partners.

We shall play a lead role in dealing in various Agro commodities and adopt innovative initiatives to help farmers earn more and improve the lives of people affected by poverty and join fight end hunger.

More earnings and Better life for the Farmers

hand in hand with

Better pricing to customers and best quality in the kitchen
As we are engaged in food industry, we always involve ourselves in helping the society initiatives in helping eradicate hunger and poverty
We shall continue our status as a Multi-Product, Class One Enterprise, dealing in Agro commodities



With ongoing strategic decision to venture the e-commerce way of reaching the consumer, furthur strengthened with an inhouse world-class ERP solution, and existing worldwide supply network, PITCO will forge ahead to be counted amongst one of the best suppliers in the global food industry.

Farmer Connect Programme

PITCO has collection centres of raw produces coming to farmer locations, where collection and storage are directly managed by company team. This ensures consistent quality and better pricing to farmers for their produces, eliminating intermediaries.

Modern Agriculture practices

PITCO provides educational, scientific, technological and infrastructural support for farmer groups – with the backing of many government organisations.

The farmer groups grow healthy and sustainable food products including organic products by undertaking natural farming without the usage of pesticides, but still protect the crops from pests by sticking to various traditional methods.

Without having to put so much money in pesticides, the farmers earn more, giving higher yields.

Farmers are taught different techniques and growing processes – how to go green and leave pesticides behind.


The Next Big plan for PITCO


The Next Big plan for PITCO

Built on a strong foundation and having gained firm foothold in current businesses, PITCO now embarks upon looking to grow businesses in India by launching:

• PITCOSTORE – launch by Jan 2021, in e-commerce space through Selling Agents / Franchisee path. (PITCO calls for investments in this venture)

• PITCO TRADE CENTER – by 2022. (PITCO Management is open for all collaborations in this venture)

Both these are very synergetic business models.

What PITCO is trying to build is something that Investors and Selling Agents / Franchisees will get benefit from.

Latest repackaging facilities

PITCO is working intensely in establishing a resilient supply chain network, effective distribution set up and uninterrupted increased export shipments. Quality of products is of paramount importance for the company. PITCO is setting up latest repackaging facilities, geographically centred with technology driven processes all over, and installing hi-tech automated machines to ensure high product quality, reliability, safety and improved volume of production to enable serve all market segments and households on a day to day basis.

Social welfare

PITCO works closely with various associations, towards delivering social responsibility initiatives, and are part of many poverty alleviation, feeding the poor, donations to charity, sponsorships and other welfare programs.

PITCO constantly works towards instilling and creating happiness in all the lives it touches.